The JCC is Open to EVERYONE.

All it takes is to simply to walk through the front door to know this is a special place and to know that you belong here.

Regardless of your background or your interests, the JCC has something for you, including:

  • A first-class Health & Fitness Center, Indoor Pool, and
  • Full-Size Gymnasium
  • The best Early Childhood Program in the area
  • Incredible Summer Day Camps
  • Enlightening and Invigorating Adult Programming
  • Licensed School Aftercare
  • Drama and Cultural Programs

The JCC is truly a community center. Our members come from all backgrounds - old and young, families and singles, Jewish and non-Jewish, all races, and varying financial means. The JCC is a place to make new friendships, try out new activities, get in shape, learn, and simply have fun. It's a home away from home where we want each and every member to feel like part of the family.

It all starts by walking through the door. So stop in and take a look at what the JCC has to offer you. You'll never believe all that awaits EVERYONE.


Jewish Community Center Membership
Dues Schedule
September 1, 2005 to August 31, 2006

Membership Categories
Definition of Family: All persons in same household - living under same roof (except for college students) - subject to the discretion of the JCC Director

FAMILY A - $820
- Husband and wife with all dependent children through 18, and dependent children through age 24 who are full-time college students.

FAMILY B - $695
- Couple only
- Couple with children, all of whom are age 5 and under
- Single adult with one or more children up to age 18 (thru 24 if full time college student)
- Couple with children between ages 19-24 and in college

SINGLE - $560
- Single person 14 years and over

- Husband and wife, either of which is age 65 or over

- Single person age 65 or over.

STUDENT - $195
- College student from another city, going to school in Harrisburg

Contributing Categories

Plan Family Single
Diamond $3,600 3,000
Platinum 2,500 2,100
Gold 1,900 1,600
Silver 1,250 1,050

Platinum, Gold, and Silver members are special friends of the JCC who, through their Tzedakah generosity, provide a scholarship fund and special activities for those who might not otherwise be able to benefit from what the JCC offers. As a token of our gratitude, we provide the following amenities:
" Your name will be shown on the Tzedakah board in the JCC hallway.
" Your generous gift will be acknowledge in the Community Review.
" You will receive complimentary tickets and admission to some special events. You will be given advance notice to purchase tickets to other special events.
" You are entitled to free lockers and free guest privileges in the Fitness Center.
Also, the amount that exceeds your normal dues category may be used as a tax-deductible contribution.


- By check, cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, or Discover card

- Four checks, 4 consecutive months- first one dated now, the other three postdated.
- Credit Card, 4 consecutive months

- Full membership year commitment
- ACH Debit - Must complete & return pre-authorization agreement.

- Approved by Executive Director.
Call Linda at (717) 236-9555 ext. 3050